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Bathrooms in Buildings Will No Longer Have ‘Male’ or ‘Female’ Signage

You are currently viewing Bathrooms in Buildings Will No Longer Have ‘Male’ or ‘Female’ Signage
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Bathrooms, all single-stall, inside government buildings will have gender-neutral signage. This mandate is under an order signing by the county executive this week.

Respect is of Paramount Importance to All

“People that are gender fluid, gender expansive, nonbinary, transgender or cisgender including all employees and community members deserving to be respected. Moreover, this is without regard to gender identity or gender expression,” said St. Louis County Executive Sam Page in a news release.

Bathrooms are Single-Stall, Will Have “Restroom” Signage

In St. Louis, Missouri county buildings and in non-public spaces, there are about 300 single-stall bathrooms, the release said. These changes should have significant positive impacts for St. Louisans, from unhoused people to county officials.

Bathrooms: Memo to Those Uncomfortable With the Signage Change

However, Page did add that having restrooms with “male” or “female” signage is doable and can “work to exclude some employees and community members and those gender-neutral bathrooms would “ease the risk and distress some employees can face.” “Moreover, this is a significant step. It will ensure transgender and non-binary people feel affirmed and welcomed as they navigate and work in the buildings of County government,” Clancy said. “It is our duty and responsibility as the electing officials to make sure dignity and respect is held up for all our residents and visitors. I do look forward to continuing to partner with the community members. As well as Dr. Page on issues that are pertinent to the LGBTQ + community.”

Gender Neutrality: A Hot Topic of Debate

Moreover, across the country, the issue of gender neutrality has become a topic of debate across the country. Therefore, this is occurring with lawmakers, private companies, educational institutions and even toy companies making adjustments.

Past Issues Influence Latest Decisions

Experiencing violence and harassment when using public facilities is an issue that has motivating many activists and academics. They have advocated for the introduction of (at least some) gender-neutral bathrooms that are trans and other gender-nonconforming people.

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