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Department of Agriculture Launches AgriStress Helpline

You are currently viewing Department of Agriculture Launches AgriStress Helpline
Someone will always water the plants... But who's going to water you?
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The Department of Agriculture in Missouri made a giant push forward for the benefit of farmers, cultivators and other types of crop producers all over the state. They’re introducing a helpline to deal with mental health issues these agricultural experts might be having. And rightfully so. Just because the crops may be harvested isn’t to say that the agricultural farmer with an average amount of anxiety won’t need some clear guidance.

Enter the AgriStress Helpline.

Essentially, it’s a dial-able phone number that you can use to receive support for mental health. Which is perfect for farmers because the responsibility of their jobs are grossly misunderstood. dealing with everything from cost fluctuation snd unpredictable weather. Other such factors may included market volatility, government regulations and even long hours alone. There’s a lot of stigma and their goal is to provide 24/7 preparation of listening if ever to just thwarting random farmhands. It’s a lot to take in sure, but that’s why the AgriStress Helpline is there. To soothe the worries of any fellow producers of product, That could very easily upset the whole balance,

What’s it to the Department of Agriculture to start looking into the mental health of Missouri farmhands?

Above all else, as long as the average producer has free and reliable access to support via phone call, there’s no reason so as to act like we’re in the yellow. Regardless of where we find. Off-handedly, not volunteering could be a potential of come-up of conversation at her image I am working on: I have just hidden behind the guise of a clueless tour guide any hour longer more than what a normal comic would’ve chosen to do. But suppose let’s beg the answer to “why is there a helpline within the already temperamental hub of information in the AgriStress Helpline?” It’s possible because of a grant by the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture.

This is ideal as the Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network grant had just been awarded towards the Missouri Department of Agriculture so as to remain well-covered in order for this benefit to remain free-of-charge to others. It’s just a helpful service that had been fruitful in order to combat stress and suicide. In addition to suicide prevention, the grant also supports mental health resources and training, thanks to the University of Missouri extension to I.D. and manage agricultural stress.

Do you want access to the hotline as a member of the agriculture industry? Talk to AgriStress at (833) 897-2474. As for additional information and resources behind the AgriStress helpline for Missouri, go to

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