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Honda E: Why Going Smaller Might Be Better

You are currently viewing Honda E: Why Going Smaller Might Be Better
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The Honda E is looking to shake things up. While most EV companies are looking to go bigger and further, Honda is looking into different ways to wedge their foot into the market.

Honda has been slow to merge into the EV game. While other surrounding companies like Toyota, Nissan, and even Hyundai are now making large changes to their production, Honda is still trying to play catch-up.

The Honda E is looking to emerge as a competitor in the city-scape of driving. Companies like Tesla, Hyundai and Ford are currently in a showcase to see who can make the longest-lasting battery and put it in the biggest car. Unfortunately, they are overlooking their roots.

The cost of these vehicles puts the auto at a difficult price point. While many can purchase a high-end sports car for roughly the same amount, the price really comes down to the battery. The larger the battery, the higher the cost.

The Honda E Is Compact

The Honda E looks to tackle inner-city driving and focuses primarily on the European sector for autos. Right now, Germany, France, and Norway are on a heavy revamp of their auto industries. Namely with a huge hitting deal that is giving away electric vehicles for free. Norway is currently looking to have an all-electric car market for the year 2025 and Honda wants to get in on that.

Their solution is to create a vehicle that can run as far as 280 miles without recharging. Now, other companies might be doing that, but none have the reliability as Honda. This almost mirrors how they were able to merge into the auto industry of America. When they first came to the states, they were small, fuel efficient compact cars. This started a huge boom during the 70’s oil embargo.

Now, they look to do the same. By creating something with longevity and reliability, the company looks to take care of its drivers while also making the switch to electric.

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