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Hard Side Enclosed

hard side shipping

For vehicles that require a little extra care and protection, we offer various enclosed transport options, too. Typically, the Hard Side shipping method is used for luxury, exotic, and collector vehicles.

We understand just how valuable your vehicle is to you. Therefore, we provide the option of shipping with our Hard Side enclosed trailer. This means, your vehicle is completely sheltered in an enclosed container surrounded by metal walls. In addition to this, our Hard Side trucks are outfitted with lift gates that steadily raise the vehicle onto, and inside the trailer. Importantly, the liftgate benefits vehicles that are low to the ground and run the risk of scrapping the undercarriage when using a traditional ramp. Such vehicles include race cars and Lamborghinis. A general rule of thumb is, if the car is too low for a ramp, then a liftgate truck is necessary for transport. For high-end and exotic cars, we highly recommend using a Hard Side enclosed carrier to maximize safety. Your vehicle is important to you, therefore, it is important to us!

Enclosed Hard Side Shipping with St. Louis Auto Transport

St. Louis Auto Transport is a leader in the auto shipping industry for a reason. Servicing customers since 2006, we’ve expertly handled every type of car shipping there is.

Furthermore, our professional, affordable, and expert car shipping services have been utilized across the country. You want an auto shipping company that’s got a proven track record. Then look no further!

Not only is auto shipping favorable to the customer, but it also saves time, money, and the stress of driving the vehicle yourself. No need to add wear and tear to the vehicle from driving long distances. With all St. Louis Auto Transport services, we offer convenient door-to-door shipping. It should be noted that Hard Side enclosed trailers may take a couple of extra days to secure a pickup time. However, it is still by far the safest and most protected method of transport for your prized possession.  

St. Louis Auto Transport maintains its supreme status because our services are matched by none. From corporate relocation, military shipping, college moves, and more…there is no task too big that we cannot handle. So, when you need auto shipping services, choose the best company with fans across the country.

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