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Thousands of Homes and Businesses Receive Improved Energy

You are currently viewing Thousands of Homes and Businesses Receive Improved Energy
All these homes with so much energy!
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So many residents in Missouri are able to enjoy way more reliable energy, all because of Ameren Transmission’s newly-finished $215 million Metro South Reliability Project. What an amazing turn of events! But what is this multiyear project? Well, it was completed six months in advance. It’s a part of the Ameren Missouri’s Smart Energy Plan.

The transmission system is well-known as a superhighway of energy. It’s made to improve reliability while creating a more resilient energy grid for customers. The project utilizes smart grid technology which customers on either side of the river can benefit towards a thriving system with safe energy. About 10 miles of 138,000-volted transmission lines have been entirely reconstructed in the whole of St. Louis county as well as the city of St. Louis.

The line is able to tie infrastructure from Shrewsbury to Bella Villa while serving a huge portion of St. Louis City to South County and Metro East. A huge investment in energy infrastructure. Suzanne Pohlman and others are well involved in making the upgrades to the grid. It’s essentially a transition for customers when retired for the Meramec Energy Center.

There’s so much more clean energy available to the Missouri landscape, thanks to the Metro South Reliability Project.

Construction of two new transmission towers are happening on both sides of the Mississippi River. Both towers have each a height of 294 feet tall. That’s nearly the height of the Statue of Liberty. Certainly, they’re weighing in about 500,000 pounds. The towers have been connected with two transmission lines to create double circuiting.

There’s a new power supply that can stop outages and increasing energy capacity. Ameren Transmission has been in close ties to the local neighborhoods althroughout the project, while also providing informational materials available in both English and Bosnian. Bosnian employees were able to keep the community members well-informed during the whole project. There was no downtime related to the project. Energy and gas service should remain uninterrupted. That’s all anyone is asking for! Uninterrupted access to countless amounts of power. What a thrilling means to an end to see the Metro South Reliability Project get citizens and residents alike the power they need to survive!

The company, Ameren Missouri, has long been providing electric and gas for beyond 100 years while the company’s electric rates have remained the lowest in the nation. Additionally, their mission has always been to revamp the quality of life for the 1.2 million electric and 135,000 natural gas customers all around central and eastern Missouri. The service area covers about 64 counties and beyond 500 communities. It’s all a lucrative deal to know that energy is being revitalized by the locals of commerce. And wouldn’t you like to be taken care of in such an equal sense? Think about who’s in control, the next time you turn on a power switch. You or the person standing on the plug? These very well could be words to live by if you haven’t already found peace in power.

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