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Full Load Shipping Services

Full Load

If the items you need delivered do not fill an entire truck, then full load shipping might be for you. At St. Louis Auto Transport we offer reliable, affordable, and efficient full load shipping services.

Our highly trained team of drivers coupled with an esteemed team of customer service agents have fashioned us the expert auto shipping company you can depend on. Since 2006, it has been our mission to provide efficient, professional, yet cost-effective services to customers in need.

When it comes to full load vehicle shipping, it is an important job that shouldn’t be taken lightly, nor trusted to just anyone. Since carriers are reserved for one shipment only, the vehicle will reach their destination sooner, as there are no additional pickups or drop-offs to make. Not only that, but full load shipping is also less expensive than other transport services. Also, the likelihood of possible damage to items during transit is reduced since there is less handling of cargo at multiple stops. And, if the customer prefers a whole truck dedicated to their vehicles, then full load shipping is the best choice.


On average, full load requests come from used car dealerships and auctions that need to ship drivable, but non-salvageable vehicles. Dealerships profit a great deal from selling used cars. Therefore, this is an ideal option for car dealers to transport used and like new cars.

Apart from this, full load shipping is an excellent choice for anyone who dismantles, sells, and purchases vehicle parts from salvage auctions or IAA (Insurance Auto Auction).

Not to mention, full load transport is easier on both the carrier and the shipper. For the carrier, there is only one pick up and drop off location. And, for the shipper, it’s faster and much more economical. In fact, it is around 35% cheaper than transporting a single car.

Full Load Shipping Services with St. Louis Auto Transport

St. Louis Auto Transport is experienced in full load transport. In fact, we handle this type of auto shipping every single day. It represents the bulk of our business. We are successful at what we do because we believe that teamwork makes the dream work. Therefore, we work as a unified team between all components of our operation, including the drivers, dispatchers, and customer service agents.

At St. Louis Auto Transport our standard method of shipping is door-to-door. This service is as convenient as it sounds. We’ll pick up your vehicle, no matter how remote you are in the country. Then drop it off at its new home. Additionally, we offer our services in Hawaii and Alaska too.

Also, we give you the option of open or enclosed car shipping depending on your preferred needs. Open is the most common and cost-effective method of transport. Whereas enclosed auto shipping is slightly more expensive but guarantees maximized protection against the outdoor elements and road debris. However, both options are highly safe and secured.

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