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Military Equipment Shipping

military equipment

When it comes to this type of freight, St. Louis Auto Transport is your logistics expert. Our highly trained team of drivers can move any type of equipment to and from all military and marine bases across the country.

Military equipment shipping is not your typical delivery. It requires extensive knowledge of heavy-duty loading and unloading. At St. Louis Auto Transport we’ve specifically trained our staff to deal with this kind of shipping. We have all the necessary tools and equipment required to execute the job effectively.

We have been transporting various types of military equipment since 2006. St. Louis Auto Transport only employs the best drivers around. In fact, our truck drivers and owner-operators have been in the trucking industry for a long time. Not to mention, our drivers have been thoroughly educated on operating military equipment and heavy-duty military vehicles. So, we know the ins and outs of numerous military bases across the nation. Our team possesses deep knowledge and understanding of all the requirements necessary for this kind of shipping. Heavy military equipment involves special loading and unloading procedures on heavy low-bow trailers. We have all the tools necessary to assist you with heavy equipment hauling.

Our agents will discuss all the details with you over the phone. Then carefully plan the best option for your shipment.

We can transport land vehicles and equipment such as:

  • Terrain Vehicle
  • Husky Vehicle
  • Buffalo Mine-Protected
  • Route Clearance Vehicle
  • Tank and Fighting Vehicle
  • Support Vehicle
  • Joint Light Armored Vehicle
  • AAV7 Amphibious Assault Vehicle
  • M88A2 Hercules
  • Recovery Vehicle
  • MIA2 Abrams Main Battle Tank

…and more!

Military Equipment Shipping with St. Louis Auto Transport

St. Louis Auto Transport will not only skillfully load and unload your delicate military equipment, but we’ll safely deliver it door-to-door for your convenience. This means, unless there are base restrictions, we will drop the equipment at your door wherever in the country that might be. In addition, we offer either open or enclosed shipping, depending on your preferred method of transport. While both options are secure, enclosed is a premium service that provides maximum protection from outside elements. It is also a bit more expensive than the common open transport method. No matter which option you decide on, our shipping prices are some of the best in the industry.

We understand just how unique and sensitive military equipment is, however, all our prices are standard, and we do not charge extra for this type of cargo. Plus, we assure it will arrive at its location safe and sound. Not to mention, if you need your shipment as soon as possible, we offer expedited shipping. With this additional service, we move up the pick-up time of your equipment so that it starts on its journey sooner!

Contact St. Louis Auto Transport today and one of our expert agents will customize a shipping plan for you! (314) 449-9119