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Snowbird Shipping Services

snowbird shipping

Not everyone is built for the cold weather months, which is why many tend to escape to warm-weather cities. This is extremely common with people from St. Louis who hightail it to places like Florida during the brutal winter season. We provide shipping for the common snowbird!

When moving to warm-weather climates for an extended period, chances are you’re going to want your vehicle there with you. That’s where St. Louis snowbird shipping services come into play. We will transport your personal vehicle to your temporary warm-weather home so you can drive around in the car you’re comfortable with. But with a task this complex, it’s important to secure a quality auto transport company you can depend on. That’s us!

Snowbird Car Shipping with St. Louis Auto Transport

Like all St. Louis Auto Transport services, we ship door-to-door for your convenience. This means we’ll pick up the vehicle directly from your front step and deliver it to your temporary home. Not to mention, we offer you the choice of open or enclosed transport. While open car transport is the more cost-effective option, it does expose your vehicle to outdoor elements and road debris. Whereas, enclosed transport provides maximum protection for your vehicle. However, we guarantee the safety and security of your vehicle no matter which shipping method you choose.

St. Louis Auto Transport also understands the urgency of wanting your vehicle near. Therefore, we also offer expedited pickup as a premium service. With expedited transport, the vehicle’s pick-up time is moved up so that it gets on a carrier and out on the road faster. After all, you want to soak up the sun with the vehicle that makes sense to you.

Also, St. Louis Auto Transport can ship any type of vehicle with our snowbird services. No matter if it is a truck, van, boat, RV – we’ll get the job done. With the stress of transporting your vehicle no longer a concern, you can get down to the real business – rest and relaxation.

Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to help with your St. Louis snowbird shipping! (314) 449-9119