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Military Services

military vehicle shipping

While the military continues to protect and serve this great nation, we will continue to provide them with the necessary transportation services to do so. Not only are we grateful for all the heroic sacrifices they make, but we understand that military men and women are far too frequently the subjects of big life moves as well. It is common for them to change bases. And, when that happens, they need a dependable and skilled auto shipping company to assist with shipping their heavy-duty military vehicles.

Oversized loads such as military vehicles require special shipping tools due to its size and weight. Hence, why you can’t just trust this type of cargo with everyone. As with all long-distance auto transport, it is important to work with an experienced company with a well-trained staff that knows how to deal with complex heavy-duty vehicles. That’s where St. Louis Auto Transport comes in! While shipping a vehicle can be a stressful situation for you, with St. Louis Auto Transport we take the hassle from you, making the entire process a breeze. Our team works diligently so that all our customers can rest assured knowing their vehicle is in good hands…the best hands. We possess the necessary resources to ship any of your military vehicles at an affordable price you will love. Not to mention, we have been transporting these kinds of vehicles since 2006.

Military Vehicle Shipping with St. Louis Auto Transport

At St. Louis Auto Transport we relish the opportunity to provide top-notch military vehicle shipping for our servicemen and women. We understand the demanding work you do every day for our country, so, it is only right that we show our gratitude by paying it forward. In fact, we offer excellent discounts for our military customers. No matter if you are in active duty, retired, or the reserves, we want to help you.

We pride ourselves on having the most skilled team around. Not to mention, all our drivers are experts and have years of experience in the auto transport industry. We have a wide range network that helps us effectively transport military vehicles to and from any base within the United States. No matter how secluded the base location is, we’ll transport your heavy-duty military vehicle safely within the appointed time frame. For your convenience, we offer our standard shipping style of door-to-door transport. Additionally, we want you to be comfortable with the method of shipping we provide, therefore you have the option to choose either open or enclosed car transport.

For military members especially, St. Louis Auto Transport understands the urgency of having your vehicle with you. Therefore, we suggest choosing our expedited pickup service.

And, if it’s not a car you need transporting, but military equipment instead, we’ve got skilled drivers who possess the unique expertise this intricate transport requires.

So, if you require military car shipping, contact St. Louis Auto Transport today and we’ll get you started! (314) 449-9119