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Open Hot Shot

hot shot shipping

With this method of shipping, a single or dually truck (a pickup with dual rear wheels on either side) is used for transport. Additionally, in order to move a vehicle locally, or over small distances, a single hot shot vehicle is the best method. However, if the shipment demands a much faster delivery time, then our premium expedited shipping service can be used for long-distance hauls as well. Still, keep in mind that expedited shipping is at the request of the customer. Open Hot Shot shipping is more expensive than the standard method of transport. However, the pickup window time is also shorter.

It should be of note that no matter which method of open trailer shipping you choose; your vehicle is in safe hands either way. During Open Hot Shot transport, the vehicle is exposed to outdoor elements. However, only in the same manner as driving the car yourself. Not to mention, shipping with the Open Hot Shot method saves you time, stress, and the hassle of doing it yourself. And, if you’re going to go this route, then you want to employ a top-notch shipping company that can handle this specific move.

Hot Shot Shipping with St. Louis Auto Transport

St. Louis Auto Transport is a highly reputable auto shipping company that has taken the industry by storm since 2006. Our wide array of services combined with an exceptional customer service team and an effective team of drivers is exactly why we are much in-demand. Not to mention, we boast an incredible selection of services at reasonable prices, including corporate relocation, door-to-door transport, and snowbird shipping. In fact, we continue to beat the rates of most of our competitors. What’s more, our experienced drivers operate with the single focus of getting your car to its destination safe and sound.

Another perk when you ship with us is there are no restrictions on the type of vehicles we can deliver. No matter if it’s a bus, van, trailer, truck, boat, motorcycle, or military vehicle, we’ll take care of it – no problem!

St. Louis Auto Transport is here to satisfy your needs! When you’ve got a well-oiled team like ours, there’s no auto shipping task too big!

Contact St. Louis Auto Transport and we’ll be happy to answer any outstanding questions you may have. (314) 449-9119