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Jefferson City Auto Transport

jefferson city

Jefferson City is the capital of Missouri and the 15th most populated city in the state. It is the county seat of Cole County. Also, it’s located on the northern edge of the Ozark Plateau on the southern side of the Missouri River. There were 43,079 people occupying Jefferson City as of the 2010 census. Fun history fact, Jefferson City is named after the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson.

Moreover, the city was ranked the fifth Best Small City to Start a Business in 2017, and thirteenth among the Best Cities for Career Opportunities.

Notably, Jefferson City is home to Lincoln University, a public historically black land-grant university founded in 1866 by the 62nd Regiment of U.S. Colored Troops.

Summers are hot and rainy. While winters are rather cold. However, tourists flock to Jefferson City no matter the season.

Sightseers are drawn to such attractions like the Missouri State Capitol, where you can also see the Lewis and Clark Trailhead Plaza Monument next door, Missouri State Penitentiary, and the Missouri Governor’s Mansion, just to name a few. For a bit of culture, the Missouri State Museum provides hours of history to take in. As well as the Jefferson Landing State Historic Site, which features the historic Lohman Building and the Union Hotel.

People of all ages can find something fun to do in this city, too. The Runge Conservation Nature Center boasts more than 3,000 square feet of exhibits for the entire family to explore. Meanwhile, the Colonel Alvin R. Lubker Memorial Safety and Education Center provides a little more insight into the history of the Missouri Highway Patrol.

Jefferson City Shipping with St. Louis Auto Transport

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