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Multiple Cars Auto Shipping

multiple cars shipping

St. Louis Auto Transport has been shipping all kinds of vehicles since 2006.  So, when it comes to shipping multiple cars, it’s an area we stand tall!  

One of the reasons customers choose this option over single car shipping is largely attributed to the amount of money you can save. Without a doubt, transporting multiple vehicles at a time reduces the cost of shipping immeasurably. Most customers save somewhere between $200 and $250 for each car with this mode of shipping. Apart from this, we offer various discounts for multiple car shipping as well.

Why Ship Multiple Vehicles?

Another benefit of shipping multiple vehicles at a time is that it speeds up the time between the pickup and delivery window. Not to mention how much easier it is on the drivers, as they won’t have to make as many stops. More often, in multicar transport there is one general pick up spot, and a few drop off locations. Therefore, with fewer stops to make, the vehicles will arrive at their destination sooner. It is also a lot easier on the company from scheduling to dispatching, too.

At St. Louis Auto Transport we have helped numerous auctions, dealers, and individuals save on shipping by using the multiple car transport option.

Ship Multiple Cars with St. Louis Auto Transport

We make every effort to offer our customers the lowest possible auto shipping rates around. However, if you receive a better quote than ours, let us know, and we will try our best to beat it.

St. Louis Auto Transport takes the hassle away from you, making the entire process a breeze. We take delight in offering you service options that are convenient and without stress to you. With all services, you will receive our standard method of shipping, which is door-to-door. This means we will pick up your vehicle from your doorstep and deliver it to the steps of its new home. And, St. Louis Auto Transport works with all types of vehicles, not just cars! From trucks, vans, motorcycles, boats, and more. Whatever you need shipped, we can handle it.

While we recommend using our enclosed car transport for your luxury, classic, or collective vehicles, open car transport is the more cost-effective solution. However, both are safe and reliable.

Contact St. Louis Auto Transport today and one of our friendly representatives will set you up with your Multiple Cars shipping! (314) 449-9119