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Acura Integra Prototype: Strong Entry-Level Hatchback To Thrill For

You are currently viewing Acura Integra Prototype: Strong Entry-Level Hatchback To Thrill For
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Acura is making the impossible possible. By which I mean, they’re revealing a prototype of the Acura Integra as a comeback. This vehicle has long been absent since it disappeared from the United States in 2001. From that point, it was the final model in the Acura lineup with Integra. But now, the Integra is looking to make a comeback. It will work all four quadrants as those who hold nostalgia and those who are excited for a new car in general rev their engines in anticipation for how likely this vehicle will represent the very best Acura has to offer.

The Acura Integra Has A Familiar Set-Up

The vehicle gives off a platform very similar to the Civic SI. In which it shares a 1.5-liter turbocharge engine with limited-slip differential. Of course, there is no power output but it’s likely going to hit about 200 horsepower. Not to mention that it will be available as a six-speed manual transmission. The Acura Integra is going to show off a stick feature for the first time since the 2015 ILX. In addition to that, there’s the Civic Type R. It can display a rev-matching feature on tap. That’s all to say that the auto transmission is going to offer more than just the stick-shift Civic SI.

In addition, the four-door hatchback configuration is going to return as a first-generation Acura Integra. The roof tends to slip in the back to allow for actual trunk space. The rear has hints and remnants of what the second and third-gen models would show off. And yet, there can’t be a three-door version. The Acura Integra owns a Yellow Pearl Paint Job. This will add punch to the silhouette. Of course, the vehicle is a quiet riot. But chances are, the 2023 Integra is going to launch next year, somewhere at $30,000 or so.

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