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Anti-Vaccination Leaflets are Left for Neighbors From Fake Doctor

You are currently viewing Anti-Vaccination Leaflets are Left for Neighbors From Fake Doctor
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Anti-vaccination flyers found in the residents of a city and state’s junk mail on Sunday morning. At least, that is how it’s been characterizing and not so thinly veiling putdown of the literature. Also by “Dr. Keith Lawrence,” the operator of a natural health website also described as “God’s Emergency Medical Missionary Service.”

Messages and Warnings about the Vaccination

One flyer proclaims, “Don’t let them vaccinate you.” It’s a solid warning because it’s experimental. Unfortunately, humans are the experiment themselves. They were distributed in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. There are terrible side effects. Even though, people are crowing enthusiastically about the jab on social media. They consist of very bad detrimental, long-term conditions and diseases human beings can get.

There is another featuring clumsily editing an image from the 2017 movie, “Get Out” that combines with photos of Bill Gates. Gates is controversial and a regular and rightfully so feature of contemporary conspiracy theories. He, also with the medical hero, Anthony Fauci, stands to profit mightily from the jab. In fact, they hope billions of people eventually get it. There is also a warning with the flyers that vaccine programs threaten African Americans. Moreover, will treat them as “Black guinea pigs” which is true as historically mistrust runs deep in African-American communities, i.e. Tuskegee, and the medical history of institutionalized racism.

Anti-Vaccination Flyers: Collection of Memes and Misinformation

It seems the flyers do appear to feature a mix of memes and misinformation. Though the doctor, Keith Lawrence, claims he was not actually opposing to COVID-19 vaccines. Just the “anti-ignorance and anti-lack of information.” There is nothing wrong with either view. Healthy skepticism is very good! The public needs to be cognizant of all sides of the COVID-19 debate. This is to make the best decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly or hastily.

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