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Ecurie Ecosse LM-C Model Pays Tribute To The Jaguars Of Yesteryear

You are currently viewing Ecurie Ecosse LM-C Model Pays Tribute To The Jaguars Of Yesteryear
If you were a fan of the Jaguar C-Type from the 1950s, well then you may very well enjoy this spiritual successor. The Ecurie Ecosse LM-C.
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Have you seen a Jaguar C-Type? Those guys may be beasts, but Ecurie Ecosse has released something even better than the real thing. Those vehicles tend to be four inches way longer and two inches way wider than it’s predecessor. This is good because to throw people into the LM-C model is to give the cabin a better size to modern occupants. Construction handles it with aluminum panels across the Ecurie Ecosse and it’s spaceframe, which in that case is comprised of steel tubing. With the dimensional spread taken into account, you can easily tell that the LM-C gives off nonperiod enhancements like structural-reinforcement plates and relocated suspension mountings.

Certainly, you can also tell that the Ecurie Ecosse has a better engine.

All in a day’s work if it means the United Kingdom can give it the okay with an Individual Vehicle Approval test. This is to register the vehicle as a brand new car. The engine tends to give off the energy of a DOHC Inline-Six vehicle that can power through the original C-Type. Without carburetors, however, it uses fuel injection. Combo that with a lambda probe and a catalytic converter and there’s no telling what this beast can do. Displacement increases the vehicle from 3.4 liters to about 4.2. Which is quite impressive, given that the engine can create about 300 horsepower strong enough to shift 2,200 pounds.

The Ecurie Ecosse is even able to hit 60 miles per hour in only 4.8 seconds. Add the Perspex windshield and the movable glass? This LM-C will make you see that it’s ready for the streets in a streamlined fashion.

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