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Effingham County Lawsuit Opposes The Assault Weapons Ban

You are currently viewing Effingham County Lawsuit Opposes The Assault Weapons Ban
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A new assault weapons ban in Illinois has given way to a new legal challenge only after one week of being signed into law. The past Illinois attorney general candidate, Thomas DeVore is representing the Effingham located Accuracy Firearms LLC in a lawsuit that poses it well against the new weapons band. Through it’s passing into the Illinois legislature, Governor J.B. Pritzker had signed the ban into law on January 10th. It’s supposed to stop the creation, selling and ownership of more than a dozen brands of different types of rapid-fire rifles and pistols, .50-caliber guns and even some attachments. Such a law lets gun owners hold on to the guns they have while still requiring them to register those weapons with the state. Gun stores in Illinois, like the lawsuit’s plaintiff Accuracy Firearms are able to ship and sell the last of the assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines from out of state. The store owners state how the ban may cost about thousands of dollars in sales.

Based on Second Amendment rights, the sheriffs located around the eastern part of the state have since objected to the law and went on record to state how they would not enforce it. When DeVore spoke of the lawsuit, he mentioned that he and his firm at DeVore Law Office, LLC are outraged and disturbed by what sounds to be “an outright attack on the constitutional rights of lawful gun owners across the state unless one is so fortunate to be in the large group of persons who are somehow an excepted out.”

The lawsuit being filed in Effingham County lists several individuals, including the Governor, the Speaker of the House Emanuel Christopher Welch, Attorney General Kwame Raoul and Senate President Donald Harmon.

DeVore is pretty mad about the whole charade. In that same publicly made statement, he says that “It’s an honor of my lifetime to play a role in representing the People against tyranny.” Meanwhile, this is exactly what Pritzker anticipated for those who are unwilling to comply and be okay with the assault weapons ban. At this point, all one can do is allow the courts to play it out. Meanwhile, an emergency hearing had been held for a temporary restraining order versus the law to be held at 11 a.m., Wednesday at the Effingham County Courthouse. It is a rather messy situation involved for all but that’s just the way politics play out nowadays.

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