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Gunfire Exchanged Between Police, Suspect

You are currently viewing Gunfire Exchanged Between Police, Suspect
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An attempted stop led to a chase and an eventual exchange of gunfire between police and a male suspect Thursday, injuring one officer.

The incident followed an earlier shooting that took place in Maryland Heights. Information regarding a vehicle of interest went out to patrolling officers, a red Kia Optima.

When one patrol car discovered a vehicle matching the description, they made an attempt to pull the driver over. However, instead of cooperating with police, the driver fled. It raced onto Interstate 70, then pulled off at the Adelaide Ave exit in St. Louis.

Then, the vehicle came to a stop. At that time, a male suspect exited the car and promptly opened fire on pursuing police officers. In response, police opened fire.

Gunfire Erupts in Chaotic Scene

Volleys of gunfire created a chaotic scene within the residential neighborhood where the suspects stopped.

One local resident spoke with The St. Louis Post-Dispatch on the frightening altercation between the suspect and the police. Sandra Murray was alerted to the action by the sound of gunfire. She observed an individual run and attempt to hide beneath her neighbor’s porch.

The individual carried a rifle.

At some point during the exchange of gunfire, one police officer from Normandy sustained injuries. Authorities referred to the injury on the officer’s face as minor. They treated it at the scene. Whether from a bullet grazing past his cheek or flecks of broken glass scratching him, the answer remains uncertain.

Eventually, police managed to conclude the altercation without fatalities. They apprehended the shooter, a male passenger that fled the vehicle and opened fire. The driver, a female suspect, was also arrested at the scene. While details remain scarce, police described them as being in their late 20s.

Following the gunfight and arrests, quiet returned to the area. The debris was joined by evidence markers. The suspects’ car sat bullet ridden on the side of the road.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department continue their investigation into the matter, including whether the couple are responsible for the earlier shooting.

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