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Kadean Construction Builds More Warehouses Creating Additional jobs

You are currently viewing Kadean Construction Builds More Warehouses Creating Additional jobs
Jobs are the Outcome of Warehouse Expansion
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Kadean Construction has massively expanded its industrial sector work over this past year with $327 million of new logistics facilities that are underway. It does, in fact, total more than 6.7 million square feet at 15 locations around the country, including five in St. Louis, where the industrial market does remain very hot.

Kadean Construction – Three Industrial Projects

The local-based general contractor is also constructing three industrial projects in an area nearby, as well as in three other states. All are scheduling to finish this year.

In St. Louis, Kadean Construction is going to build three warehouses for an expansion of Aviator Business Park in Hazelwood, along with two warehouses at Premier 370 Business Park in St. Peters. Thus, construction on all five of the warehouses, which are going to range in size from 130,900 to 423,000 square feet, should, in fact, finish this summer, it said.

The Developer Panattoni’s latest three speculative warehouses in Aviator Business Park, located 1 mile north of St. Louis Lambert International Airport, began construction in July 2021. They total $28.5 million in development, the Aviator 2 warehouse is going to clock in at 196,596 square feet, Aviator 5 will have 130,928 square feet, and Aviator 6 measures 275,868 square feet. Kadean Construction is going to make tenant improvements as tenants sign on to the project.

The Kadean warehouses in St. Louis, Missouri follow a prior 640,182 square feet in speculative space. They are developing by Panattoni at the Hazelwood logistics center. Also, it is also building by Kadean.

Kadean, in St. Peters, has more than 800,00 square feet of speculative buildings underway for Panattoni. In fact, it is over two warehouses. One is at 423,000 square feet. Another is at 366,600 square feet. Moreover, the projects are going to occupy the latest open sites at the Premier 370 Industrial Park.

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