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Missouri Corrections Officers Receive More Pay In A Decade-Long Fight

You are currently viewing Missouri Corrections Officers Receive More Pay In A Decade-Long Fight
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Have you been to jail? Maybe you have, maybe you have not. But what are the chances that you’ve been there as a corrections officer? The policemen between the bars. There are many corrections officers coming to the realization that they aren’t getting paid nearly as much as they should be. This comes with a development to the prison pay system. Of course, the state prison workers had changed the mind of a jury that their pay was shortened. Of course, the state has stopped appealing the $113 million ruling up until this point.

Corrections officers are not really even realizing that they were shorted the money they deserve. Of course, they are sure required to see to any incident as the officer of the law. All they do is gather equipment and go through a collective amount of prison checkpoints. One corrections officer was pretty unhappy with it. Corrections officer Samantha Moore couldn’t handle it as well. “I left  because the shifts were long. They were grueling.”

Now Moore is getting paid for more loss time than ever before. She was totally shocked by the development. “It wasn’t something I think any of us thought was going to come to fruition, like I said we kind of all shelved it thinking, maybe one day possibly our kids will see it.”

All corrections officers are looking to get paid a share of $50 million in settlements, depending on years of service. The attorney that had secured it is named Gary Burger. And he says that “It’s not one of those class actions where everyone just gets a credit on something and never sees a dime. This is cash in their pocket that they’re going to get paid, without even having to sign a claim form.” Burger doesn’t quite believe the union members are “It doesn’t matter whether you’re a union member or not – every single corrections officer gets it. If they died their kids get it. We made sure that if they died during this case, their next of kin would get it and everybody gets a fair share based on how long they worked.”

With this pay back system, it implements an additional fifteen minutes on their shift for the following eight years. For a collective value of $60 million. There’s estimates of about $1,500 to about $2,000 for every corrections officer as a result.

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