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Nissan Leaf Dies Off The World Of Electric Vehicle Rolls On

You are currently viewing Nissan Leaf Dies Off The World Of Electric Vehicle Rolls On
Nissan Leaf is seeing the end of it's lifetime.
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Nissan had the honor of introducing the first modern, mass-produced electric vehicle to reach the United States-market to arrive in 2011 model year. Reports are stating that the Leaf is likely to phase out sometime in the mid-decade. But the Leaf is even closer to reaching an end. Nissan believes that the electric vehicle is definitely exceptional.

But they’re looking to usher in new models like the Ariya. The 2011 model year of the Nissan Leaf was the first of it’s kind. To be fair, it was the first mass-produced electric vehicle in the United States. Everyone liked the Nissan Leaf because it was not very expensive, it had some groovy style and it offered a fresh look into the future of electric vehicles. However, when stacked up against all the gas-powered cars and the Toyota Prius.

The Leaf has been in the lineup of Nissan’s U.S. market for a dozen years, but less than 175,000 units were sold.

It’s a high likelihood, according to Nissan, that 40% of U.S. sales will actually be EVs by 2030. That’s a relatively hopeful circumstance. With varying opinions on the Nissan Leaf existent, the sales numbers still show that the electric vehicle lacks enough of the numbers in the modern-day. The Nissan Leaf has come into the market right before the Chevy Volt plug-in-hybrid and a full 18 months before the Tesla Model S swept the nation by storm.

Maybe it’s that Americans are much too spoiled when it comes to electric vehicles. To be fair, the consumers of the United States are much too used to the EV industry. Consumers can’t quite appreciate the old-tech of electric vehicles’ past. Higher-end EVs will see as plenty as 400 miles of range, while the 2022 Nissan Leaf can give off about 226 miles within the battery and 149 in the base version.

Would I buy the Nissan Leaf, if I had the money?

Most likely. It’s cost-efficient, it’s uncomplicated, and it’s certainly durable enough to last the ages. When you want to go around town in a zippy manner, it would be best to do so with the Nissan Leaf. If for no other reason, then simply because it’s not pretentious. Plus, I don’t usually leave town very often. It’s more of an in-town car anyway. So of course the big deal about the Nissan Leaf would be that it can easily be protected by aftermarket enthusiasts. The styling is not necessarily everything but it would allow for reliable venturing since you’d want to leave your car sometimes.

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