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Pro-Choice Activists Protest All Around Downtown

You are currently viewing Pro-Choice Activists Protest All Around Downtown
Roe v. Wade is bringing on a lot of pain to Missourians.
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When you think about abortion laws, do you think anybody in particular is benefitting from the outlaw of preventative measures against unwanted pregnancies? Not quite everybody but the doctor who may or may not make a couple of extra cash flows handling all the now-dead babies is only going to be worrying about the legitimacy of his going-ons, due to the government being entirely stuck to assume that it’s just not a good idea to make abortions legal. With that type of logic, it’s almost ridiculous that anyone should have to put up with abortions. Even in our state of Missouri, abortions are totally illegal. In fact, any patient would have to receive state-directed counseling including information that would make it easy to discourage the patient from taking an abortion. Then, there would have to be 72 hours right before the procedure provided. Counseling has to be provided in person while also taking place before the waiting period can start. Private insurance policies can only cover abortion only in the cases of life endangerment, while individuals can purchase an optional at an additional cost. Health plans that are offered within the state’s health exchange under the Affordable Care Act can only cover abortion in cases of life endangerment.

So you can imagine that the capital of Missouri isn’t too happy about this either.

Yesterday, Sunday afternoon, plenty of protestors had started marching around Busch Stadium in Downtown in order to move the demonstration right to Interstate-64. The marchers were then directing themselves back to the streets of St. Louis. These rally folk were in support of access to abortion services, which again, are now illegal in Missouri thanks to the Supreme Court.

St. Louis City and County, however, have made it vocally known that there had been plans to fund access to abortion services available beyond Missouri. The Attorney General Eric Schmitt, however, won’t have it, as he may just sue the Missouri municipalities to use tax dollars to help women access abortion services.

Plenty of protestors however have a very personal reason to stand behind pro-choice. At the rally, one of the pro-choice rally members said “Abortion saved my life. I always wanted to be a mother, I never wanted it to be that way.” This was Isabella Diamond speaking, saying in addition that “They’re coming for our voting rights. They’re coming for native sovereignty. They’re coming for gay rights. It’s a huge issue and I think that people need to understand the gravity of it.” As Diamond put it, it’s relatively heartbreaking to know that this very well could evolve into a plethora of problems.

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