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Reopening St. Louis: Phase 1

You are currently viewing Reopening St. Louis: Phase 1
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Reopening areas of the US have a hard job to face. On one hand, it will help to bring the economy back on track, on the other, the threat of spreading the virus can be costly. Many cities and states are currently walking a fine line.

Reopening The State Has Its Benefits

In St. Louis, one of the most afflicted areas of the virus, restaurants open amid public concern.

The proper guidelines to open require a number of things prior to letting customers come into the store.

Face masks must be worn at all times. In order for the public to be served, the public needs to adhere to some pretty strict rules. One of those is wearing masks. Now, this might be counter-intuitive, especially since in order to eat, you need access to your face, but here’s the alternative: Outdoor seating.

Many restaurants are utilizing their outdoor space. Since Summer is fast approaching, this means that the whether is starting to lift and many want to outside dine. Outside dining allows for optimal space between customers. In keeping with the 6-foot distance, this kills two birds with one stone.

Opening Restaurants Walk A Fine Line

There is a fine line that many businesses must walk in order to properly accommodate increasing traffic. If these businesses are found to be adequately enforcing their customers to adhere to these policies, they can receive a hefty fine or need to be closed until the proper accommodations are met.

Another note, is that if a restaurant were to open to the public, and they do not adhere to the currently placements on safety, then they can have their reputation ruinned as a bad business.

Nobody wants to be sick. As well as nobody wants to be the reason multiple people become sick – especially in the restaurant industry. If proper precautions are met and upheld, then the cause for concern is limited. For others, they will certainly meet the chopping block.

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