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Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Has Some Amazing New Features To Check Out

You are currently viewing Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Has Some Amazing New Features To Check Out
The Toyota RAV4 is quite an amazing model of the compact SUV lineup. When you're looking for fuel-efficiency, this is the model to go with.
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The Toyota RAV4 has been retooled as a popular SUV powered by a more equal means of auto powering. The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid has a strength beyond any other SUV’s capabilities. This may very well be the case due to Toyota feeling so much pressure to add new upgrades in order to compete in the close-quarters of the EV market. Toyota, being ever the leader of electric vehicles, has changed the RAV4 into a hybrid in order to draw more customers towards buying the electric vehicle in anticipation of the 2030 mandate to make all new vehicles sold at auto dealerships electric. You can get the 2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid for only an MSRP of $29,575.

It comes in six different trim configurations. In that, there’s also a convenience package that comes with plenty more interior options and a large infotainment system. More on that later…

What new features does this Toyota RAV4 Hybrid have?

For starters the Toyota RAV4 comes with all sorts of driver-assistance technology. This includes emergency braking, collision monitoring, lane-keeping assist and even adaptive cruise control. Plus, there are all sorts of basic safety features involved, such as traction control, airbags, tire pressure monitoring systems and even a backup camera.

In regards to the hybrid capabilities, the 2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid has a way more powerful powertrain in contrast to the ordinary RAV4. Therefore, there’s a huge difference in regards to acceleration and power output alike. The hybrid crossover allows for a 2.5-liter to naturally aspirate the inline-4 engine with an electric motor as well as 219 horsepower and a163 lb-feet result of torque.

The fuel efficiency is off the charts. In case you haven’t done the math, the compact crossover SUV has about 41 MPG to return in the city and about 38 MPG upon the highway. Therefore, it equals to about 40 MPG combined. That’s not bad for a 14.5-gallon fuel tank capacity, eh? Pretty exceptional stuff, as the RAV4 Hybrid can top about 595 miles on a full tank.

It was in 2019, the RAV4 was the best-selling SUV of any type in the world, and the fourth best-selling passenger car overall. North America is the largest market, with 535,000 units sold in 2019, followed by Europe (133,000) and China (127,000). By February 2020, a total of 10 million RAV4s had been sold globally.

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