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Worker Shortage Critically High as Hiring Rate Lowers

You are currently viewing Worker Shortage Critically High as Hiring Rate Lowers
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Any worker will tell you that since the pandemic, plenty of people in town have been unemployed. And just recently, the rate of workers not taken by a specific company has been reaching almost an all-time high. Various eateries and cafes have had no choice but to close early, being that there would be no staff members that could cover the aforementioned shifts. So, if there are open jobs and unemployed people, why is there a worker shortage?

There are indeed window installation jobs that are able to pay $80,000 to $100,000 per year, so says the founding partner Ken Dennison. In which case, he makes it known that he is able to supply pay for them. Dennison says “I’ll hire them. I’ll train them. We’ll do what we can to get them rolling but we can’t find them.”

Afghan Refugees May Help Alleviate the Worker Shortage

There’s a likelihood that Afghan refugees are to resettle in St. Louis, Columbia, and other cities while upkeeping a source of workers. But in all other cases, there have been staff shortage problems. A worker is not in any position to be able to fend for themselves if they themselves aren’t actually working. Which may be up to finding enough pay from skilled positions. Areas like those would have to pay about fourteen dollars to sixteen dollars. They each are able to go upwards twenty-two dollars or even to twenty-four dollars.

According to Ken Dennison, “We’ve tried going to our suppliers and putting up signs there. We’ve stood out in front of Home Depot and trying to get guys there. We are actively, all the time, looking for people.”

Afghan refugees are definitely going to have to make up for the loss of workers. If by no other way, then certainly to compensate for the loss of summer help. Being most evident in high school and college students. This type of change is most evident when you see how desperate even chain restaurants are, such as Starbucks and Pizza Hut.

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