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Lucid Recalls 6,360 Air Models For Various Issues

You are currently viewing Lucid Recalls 6,360 Air Models For Various Issues
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California EV company, Lucid Motors, had to issue three different recalls, all in one week. This in turn, affected about 6,360 Lucid Air electric sedans. In specific, two of those issues are likely to be fixed via Over-the-Air (OTA) updates. Those three recalls alone had been issued on July 27th 2023, in regards to affected specific sedans of the Lucid Air line of 2022 to 2023. The hugest of the recalls specifically hit 5,523 Lucid Air sedans. This is all according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration filing, which states how a wiper arm can loosen up, thanks to loose nuts. As a result, what could end up happening is rather catastrophic, as the visibility is reduced and the likelihood of a crash increases. The NHTSA believes that any vehicles that are noncompliant with basic Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards will allow the car to be inspected while Lucid Service Centers fix the issue or even replace it, for no additional cost.

When noticing the secondary recall, you can tell that it hits about 59 Lucid Air EVs with in particular, a software version laying between 2.015 and 2.0.50. The rearview camera upon whatever vehicle is standard to fail display while showing up in reverse. Lucid themselves released an Over-the-Air software update because it was so simple to fix the issues, free of charge. Lucid is determined to recall about 778 Air models with software version 2.0.64 and even older through potential power loss issues. The OTA update will fix the problem.

For direct contact with Lucid, owners are able to reach them at their customer service line of 1-888-995-8243. In particular, for varied problems the recall numbers are as follows.

  • Windshield Wiper Arm Nuts:  SR-23-02-0
  • Rearview Camera Display: SR-23-02-0
  • Power Loss: SR-23-04-0

Lucid, in an effort to ramp up sales, had to slash the costs of their Air EV sedan variants, up to about $12,400, throughout their “Pure Summer Event” up until August 31st. Meanwhile, the Lucid Air Pure lists itself at a whopping $82,400, which is down $5,000 from the original cost. Plus, the APR financing is rated at 4.99% available for up until 72 months. At the current time of writing, both the Touring and the Grand Touring still are $12,400 discounted.

It’s best to check in on your Lucid Air, even if it doesn’t have any of the recall problems, given that cars are a lifelong maintenance to take careful care of.

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