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Truck Drivers: Gaining Support

You are currently viewing Truck Drivers: Gaining Support
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Truck drivers are a staple in the global economy. While many healthcare workers are getting the praise and respect of the world, one industry may seem overlooked: Trucking.

Truck Drivers Are Heroes of the Road

In order to resupply stores across the country, someone has to bring it there. Truckers are the main reason why stores are stocked and other essential products are still reaching the people who need them. Trucking is one of the most important jobs out there right now.

Public Support Increases for Truckers

With everything happening in the world, many have increased support and respect for the trucking community. From people holding signs in the street showing respect for truckers, to citizens leaving pre-paid cards at gas stations for drivers. Countless people are stepping up and showing the world that trucking matters and that there are those in local communities who care.

Truck Drivers Are A Lifeline For Many

Truck drivers do more than just ship food to stores, they are also the ones who transport prescription medication to your local pharmacy. Without these shipments, many people would be left without the necessary assets to take care of themselves, from the elderly to the sick, truckers provide what is essential for healthy living.

Community Support Has Helped Truckers

Multiple issues have faced the trucking industry since before COVID-19. The trucking crisis hit their industry hard. With many individuals leaving for retirement, there has been a large gap to fill and it has been hard to find individuals looking to enter the trucking business. Its a rough and tough career choice for many and it doesn’t provide the most appealing opportunities for some. This gap has left the truck drivers who are currently making rounds being overextended. Longer hours have helped to get shipments delivered on time but at the cost and health of the driver.

This was before COVID-19 hit. As of right now, many truck stops and rest areas are closing down. This has left truck drivers with little resources to complete their deliveries safely. While these shutdowns have happened, many unused buildings and schools have opened their doors in order to keep America moving.

Local Businesses Help Truckers

Many businesses have offered to lend their hand to truckers in need. With so many businesses closing down, the resources that truck drivers need are limited. While schools and other public buildings have become rest areas for truck drivers, local businesses have also donated what they can in order to support those on the road. From snacks to water and essential supplies, trucker drivers across the country are feeling the support from many in this time of need.

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