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Muscle Cars: Will We See Electric Horses?

You are currently viewing Muscle Cars: Will We See Electric Horses?
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The world of fast cars is rapidly changing. Muscle cars have been a staple in auto design and sales. With the debut of GM’s electric car line, many are wondering when Camaros, Chargers, and Mustangs will all hit the EV market.

Ford has recently unveiled its first electric car the Mustang Mach-3 which looks like a crossover between muscle car and soccer mom van. Now, this might attract more suburbanite car buyers, but not so many of the fast driving speed freaks. The idea of electricity should be to improve on the standards of conventional fuels. Although this didn’t necessarily attract the traditional Mustang crowd, this has given a solid glimpse at what Ford is planning for the future of their EV lines.

GM Teases Fully Electric Camaro

During GMs “EV Day” many silhouettes were shown as an example of their upcoming electric line. They showcased many that would soon be rolling off the production line. From Cadillac to Chevy, each one showed its recognizable form and electrical production. One of the more notable ones was the Camaro.

Now, the release date specs haven’t been announced, but things are looking good for power production in EV cars. With the Tesla Model S currently putting out a whopping 0-60 in 1.9 seconds, most supercar companies shave taken notice.

High-End Auto Manufacturers Have Hit The EV Game.

Many European car manufacturers have been in the game for a little longer than the US has. With cars like Volkswagen, Audi, and BMW, all showcasing their electric vehicle line, the same question comes to mind: When are they going to produce an electric vehicle that competes with regular sports cars? Well, the European market has. With multiple high-end car manufacturers making adjustments to their auto lines, we have seen some pretty impressive pieces of work. Aston Martin’s Rapide-E, although not as power performing as a Tesla, can still push out a whopping 195 mph in under 4 seconds. The combined forces of both an impressive battery and precision engineering have established them as a European powerhouse in the field of EVs.

The Future Of EV Muscle Cars

Although they have not hit the market, and the current models rolling out seem to be in the more eco-friendly design, muscle cars will absolutely see the light of day within the EV market. Consumers can rejoice shortly. By the time current car buyers are ready to switch, the technology for faster cars will be there.

The future is beyond the horizon. For electric muscle cars, that future might be here sooner. Until then, we just need to sit back and ponder about what is yet to come.

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