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Ram is Evolving into an Electric Animal Of Sorts: The Pickup Shake-Up

You are currently viewing Ram is Evolving into an Electric Animal Of Sorts: The Pickup Shake-Up
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Ram is the type of make you don’t want to mess with. These cars are relatively powerful and often highly respectable within the working industry. Another thing about Ram is that they have the ability to change, morph and even become larger more formidable versions of themselves. So to further make their legacy known, the brand has just come out with a brand new 702 horsepower supercharge vehicle of Hellcat qualities. And it’s an electric model. An electric model of a pickup. The Ram being an electric pickup is sure to ramp up the competition between GMC’s Hummer EV and Tesla’s Cybertruck.

Why Is The Ram Doing This Now?

The Ram EV is a design principally based on the former 1500 pickup. And that’s all fine and dandy. But beyond that, we don’t know much about this vehicle. So why are they telling us anything at all? My guess is that Fiat Chrysler is just trying to compete with the competition in a magnanimous way.

Meanwhile, sister company in the Fiat Chrysler world, Maserati, has versions of the GranTurismo and the MC20 supercar getting an electric redo. Other Automakers like Ford and Rivian are on their way to creating electric pickups. Which, in any case, both companies seem to be way ahead of Ram. The Ram EV is likely going to sell at a range near $70,000, within the next couple of years.

Other automakers that are throwing their truck wheels into the ring include Jeep, Bollinger and Lordstown. Some of them relatively new. Some of them having been arriving for centuries.

Ram is a safe choice to peruse and purchase.

Even now, there’s something that clouds my judgement. How many of these electric vehicles will actually work when put to the test? This is all just a means of finding out over the next decade.

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