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Patricia McCloskey Gun: Readily Capable Of Lethal Use

You are currently viewing Patricia McCloskey Gun: Readily Capable Of Lethal Use
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St Louis, MO – About a month ago, video released online showing a Mark and Patricia McCloskey brandishing guns in a threatening manner towards BLM protesters.

As the video made rounds, many made speculations as to how appropriate it was. For many 2nd amendment supporters, their methods depicted incitement.

Owning a weapon for self defense purposes is one of the founding rights of American citizens. The back-and-forth on the topic stems from the fact that the couple may have felt threatened has created the image that they are defending their property.

Unfortunately, laws dictate the proper methods for brandishing a weapon in self-defense. The video shows the couple with their fingers on the trigger and pointing it threateningly at people walking by their house.

After review from the Patricia, the gun is a “prop” from a previous case against a gun manufacturer.

The couple is under protection known as “The Castle Doctrine”. This allows people to defend their property while brandishing a weapon.

Reports are indicating that the weapon was not simply a “prop” but fully capable of Lethal Use.

Patricia McCloskey Gun Does Not Appear To Be Active

Upon inspection of the pistol, confirmation of the conditions was in check. The pistol is not operable. The removal of the firing pin shows that the gun is non-operable. This removes the lethal portion of the handgun as it cannot fire.

Results are confusing. With the documents showing the gun cannot fire, charges are difficult. On the other side, the prospect of allowing them to proceed with the conduct is worrisome due to high tensions.

The protests are for George Floyd and Breonna Taylor who was killed in police custody. In all 50 states, protests are continuing to speak out against police brutality. For property owners, the fear of looting and damage to their property is causing concern.

Thus, issues stemming from both sides are opening up the eyes of many individuals throughout the country.

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