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Lawmakers Threaten to Take Back Control of the Police

You are currently viewing Lawmakers Threaten to Take Back Control of the Police
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Lawmakers in our area cities want to stop local governments from defunding the state’s two largest police departments. Combined, two police departments are down more than 300 officers. In fact, both cities plan to cut their police departments’ budgets, and lawmakers want to stop it. Moreover, that is why they want legislators to come back to the capital city and asking the governor to order them.

Lawmakers are Calling for a Special Session on the Police

In fact, Nick Schroer, a State Representative, and other Missouri lawmakers are asking Governor Mike Parson to call for a special session. Therefore, this session would be to discuss the matter of public safety.

Big Cities in Crisis

“Due to crime, our state’s to largest cities are in crisis now. It seems a special session is the only way to address this issue to keep people safe. Thereby ensure law enforcement officers do have the tools needed to keep the community safe,” Schroer said.

Lawmakers Want the Police Back

Moreover, Republican lawmakers in what is one of the state’s largest cities do want their colleagues back. This is occurring for the second week in a row.

“By taking away resources from our law enforcement officers, I am truly worried. Especially when they need it most with violent crime skyrocketing,” Schroer said.

Cutting Millions for the Police Department Budget

The Kansas City Council has agreed to cut $42 million out of the Kansas City Police Department’s Budget. This happened this month. Money was moved to a community service fund. Mayor Quinton Lucas said it will prevent crime.

A spending plan in May will cut $4 from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s budget. The money, instead, would go to homeless service and affordable housing.

“It’s very clear that it is difficult now to attract new businesses and new investments in our state,” Schroer said. “This is especially true with the reports of out-of-control crime.”

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