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R107 To High Heavens: Mercedes-Benz And Their Golden Anniversary

You are currently viewing R107 To High Heavens: Mercedes-Benz And Their Golden Anniversary
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Mercedes-Benz is a pretty recognizable brand. Being that they’re able to trace their roots for the SL-Class way back to the 300SL. This monumental milestone in motorsport racing was a booming success in the 1950s. The O.G. SL had been considered a technical triumph. With fuel injection and a space frame necessitating “gull wing” top-hinged doors. Less overtly was the SL (which roughly meant “Sport Lightweight.”) Mercedes-Benz likes to get all nostalgic with their celebrations. Especially regarding the R107.

And to put it plainly, 2021 is when the R107 has had a 50-year anniversary. The 1972 R107 SL brought the roadster into the modern-day. An example of when this was a good deal was when they brought the V-8 engine into the mix. The 350SL launch model was soon followed by the 450SL and the 500SL. A six-cylinder had also been made as an offer. It was a proper inline-six actually.

The R107 SL had been produced for quite a while.

As it stands to be the Mercedes model built throughout the longest period of time right next to the G-Class SUV. This had come in as a version of military vehicles.

Through the 1970s, the SL was a true victory. Mercedes wanted the SL to handle a comfy ride and high-speed stability. The SL had been trading earlier to 230 horsepower, and the 4.5-liter V-8 in exchange for 155 horsepower in the 3.8 liter unit of the 380SL. There also was favor found in the very amazing SL models that could go past two decades. And surely the R107 is otherwise the most energetic vehicle with no end in sight. The best thing to analyze about the vehicle is that it inspired a whole generation of vehicles to become more than what they were initially thought to be. If that’s not revolutionary I don’t know what could be.

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