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Republicans are Trying to Take the Pandemic Power From Local Officials

You are currently viewing Republicans are Trying to Take the Pandemic Power From Local Officials
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Republicans from St. Louis, Missouri are considering stripping local health officials of their power to control the COVID-19 pandemic response. This would be a package of proposed changes. I’m all in favor of this! This is great news!

Republicans in the Senate Health and Pensions Committee Seek Pandemic Power

On Wednesday, the Senate Health and Pensions Committee opened debate on a series of pro-business proposals. However, they would put barriers in the way of county officials seeking to close businesses or religious services. This would be during a public health emergency.

In response to the outcry from churches and businesses that have been shuttered in the past year. This is because of COVID-19 restrictions, the legislation came in.

“Shutting down our economy won’t eradicate the virus,” said Senator Andrew Koenig, Republican-Manchester. “It’s my choice if I want to risk getting COVID. No one is forcing anybody to stay home.” I agree wholeheartedly with Senator Koenig! He is totally right. That is the right of those that want to quarantine or not go anywhere and wear masks. That is their choice. Let’s open the economy for the rest of us! Let freedom ring out!

“I think there’s this illusion on the part of politicians. That we can somehow control this,” said Senator Bob Onder, Republican-Lake Saint Louis. “Many of these were irrational and arbitrary rules.” Again, I totally agree. The rules are irrational and arbitrary. However, they are scaring the public for no good reason. Moreover, plus, ramping up this pandemic hysteria over and over is counterproductive and totally unnecessary!

File This Under No Surprise Here

The effort in the Missouri Legislature, however, appears to run counter to Republican Governor Mike Parson’s decentralized approach. This would be to combat the pandemic. He has put the onus on local governments to enforce stay-at-home orders. In addition, also enforce to mask requirements rather than issuing a statewide mandate.

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