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St Louis Public Transit Gets Major Cash Infusion

You are currently viewing St Louis Public Transit Gets Major Cash Infusion
Electric bus infrastructure will expand with new funds
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A new round of federal grants for public transportation includes some $6.8 million for two transit districts in the St Louis area. St Louis public transit will see an expansion as a result.

The US Department of Transportation announced $409.3 million in grants for projects in 39 states last week. Through the Federal Transit Administration, the USDOT aims to improve bus systems around the country. One of the program’s main goals is to expand the use of electric vehicles for public transit.

Two St Louis public transit systems will benefit

Of the 70 project grants announced, two will go to St. Louis-area transit districts. St. Louis Metro Transit expects to receive $4.1 million from the grant. The money has been earmarked for the expansion of Metro’s electric bus program.

Launched in June 2021, the electric bus program serves about 10% of Metro’s riders. The new grant will help fund up to six new electric buses in concert with local taxes. The new buses will be zero-emission, battery-powered electric buses.

Also, the city will expand the charging infrastructure at Metro’s DeBaliviere bus facility. The new charging infrastructure at the facility will help the city support its growing electric fleet, currently consisting of 24 electric buses. It will also help the city expand electric bus coverage. Currently, the electric fleet operates only on Metro’s busiest route. Hopefully, the new funding will provide enough vehicles and charging infrastructure to justify operating on other routes as well.

Nearby Madison County Mass Transit will receive $2.7 million to replace five buses slated for retirement. Similarly, these grants are geared towards more environmentally friendly buses. However, Madison County officials also want to focus on ADA accessibility with their new funds.

Expanding St. Louis public transit should do wonders to ease traffic in the area. That will help make services like our expedited auto shipping even faster!

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