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Transfix creates TMS for small business in the age of Digital Freight

You are currently viewing Transfix creates TMS for small business in the age of Digital Freight
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A transportation management system (TMS) has just seen the light of day, thanks to Transfix – the target of a supposed SPAC merger.

This TMS is especially interesting for small and midsize shippers, in a trend that shows digital freight brokers expanding their reach beyond with software targeting carriers and shippers, who haven’t yet adopted modern technology platforms.

TMS systems are usually designed for enterprise operation. While about 90% small and midsize shippers still rely on archaic systems like spreadsheets and email to manage freight. This type of ends to a beginning is meant to address specific pain points. Few resources. Less data. The TMS allows shippers to secure capacity while streamlining tender management. Also, automating carrier communications. Going off of broader benefits, technology like TrueView provides customers some immediate time savings.

Data unleashed through digitization allows customers to gain organization-wide visibility and insight into freight operations. With the pandemic making workloads more intense, businesses are able to utilize the TMS for growth management.

Transfix is well-known for digital freight marketplace etiquette. Yet, with their hopes of broadening the vision to show off a more fully-connected freight ecosystem, Transfix is looking to roll out software providing automation and visibility capabilities.

Transfix has also made Fleet Planner, which was a web-based management tool for smaller and midsize table carriers alike. This was all intending to target a broader marketplace.

Transfix is evolving like it’s predecessors.

When building their own freight-matching technology, Transfix is very well approaching the challenge with a similar method as other companies such as C.H. Robinson and Uber Freight.

This development with the TMS may mean good things for broader analytics opportunities. Transfix, last we had seen, had a value of about $800 million. They are a high-growth company whom are consistently evaluating options to support paths in order to scale the businesses.

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