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Volvo EX90 To Replace XC90 SUV With LiDAR Shield Of Safety

You are currently viewing Volvo EX90 To Replace XC90 SUV With LiDAR Shield Of Safety
Volvo and their EX90 is going to electrify the nation.
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Volvo at this point has been doing their damnedest to tease their electric SUV ever so carefully. Specifically, the Volvo EX90, is a vehicle that is insistent on replacing the XC90 model. All while being on the pivot towards a new electric reality. The reveal that is bound to happen for the EV is definitely going to flip some people on their heads.

Volvo Cars, from Torslanda Sweden, is owned by Chinese conglomerate Geely Holding Group. And lately, Volvo and Geely have been rather interested in making huge strides in carbon neutrality all across several different production processes. All for the meaning of a totally-electric brand by 2030.

In the best interest of the electrification of Volvo, there have been new production infrastructure put in place, like the plans to invest $1.09 billion dollars into the manufacturing plant in order to support advanced production practices, such as casting aluminum body parts, as well as the battery assembly facility.

Currently, Volvo is offering multiple electric models, like the XC40 Recharge as well as the C40 Recharge. To recent memory, Volvo has only delivered a plug-in hybrid version of the XC90 SUV, which is known as the flagship vehicle of Volvo’s electric fleet.

It should be known that Volvo has been looking forward to creating an all-electric version of the XC90 since June, with news that it would likely come installed with LiDAR. We know this electric SUV is in the works. What’s more, is that Volvo hasn’t revealed until recently what it’s name would be.

The Volvo XC90 is now known as the EX90.

And this all-electric SUV with LiDAR and all the safety protocols will be the best representation of the Volvo name.

Volvo still hasn’t mentioned what date will show the EX90 at the forefront of the dealerships, but there’s a likelihood that the car will have a further demand for hybrids and gas engines. The modern-day version has been offered with gasoline-engine options while involving a base setup with a 48-volt hybrid system, while introducing a plug-in-hybrid powertrain dubbed Recharge.

There aren’t many details on the EX90, for now. Yet, Volvo themselves declare how there’s a “driver understanding system.” It’s essentially leagues beyond the modern-day equivalent of driver attention monitoring systems. Volvo believes that the car is going to be able to tell if the “stressed, distracted or drowsy.” With further action to assist, there’s only time to tell what the future holds for the EX90 of Volvo’s lineup.

Volvo isn’t planning on completing the EV transition until 2030. It’s then that there’ll be overlap between the EX90 and the predecessor-legacy of the XC90. But until then, we’re all going to have to sit in our internal combustion engines. And maybe that’s okay for now. But Volvo should know that the American people at least are not going to want to wait much longer. Eventually, the EX90 will exist in the most fulfilling of ways. For both the ecologically minded and the doubtful yet in need of driving near and far.

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