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A Car Lover’s Guide Through St. Louis

You are currently viewing A Car Lover’s Guide Through St. Louis
St. Louis may be known for its arch, but it has a lot of car connections too!
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When you first hear St. Louis, you probably think of the iconic Gateway Arch or even the sports teams from the city, like the St. Louis Cardinals. It is unlikely that your first thought involves its relationship to cars, but surprisingly, the city has a great connection to cars. The city is where several cars were first born, and it plays host to a number of large car-related events and gatherings.

Car History in The City

A number of iconic cars first began their journey in St. Louis. Prior to the Great Depression, a number of manufacturers established themselves here. This led to classic models like the Dorris 6-80 and Traffic Motor trucks being made in St. Louis. Another car-related piece of history that lies with St. Louis is the fact that the first ever public gas station was built in St. Louis

The City’s Car Museums

The city has not one, but two major automotive-focused museums. The city is the home of the St. Louis Car Museum and the National Museum of Transportation. In the St. Louis Car Museum, you can visit a vast indoor car collection showroom and even buy one of the cars you see! The National Museum of Transportation goes through the history of automobiles, showing cars and many other vehicles.

Two Types of Racetracks

The city is the location of several racetracks, both ones that you can go to in order to attend a race and ones that you can drive on yourself and get the racecar driving experience!

St. Louis Based Car Show

The STL Auto Show is the biggest car show in the city. Every major car brand has a presentation at the event, from Ford and Chevrolet to Honda and Toyota. Some luxury brands even show up at the event, with Lamborghini and Bentley both having been present in the past. The STL Auto Show has a deeply rooted history in the city as well. The first show happened back in 1907.

Road Trips

St. Louis is a great starting point for a ton of great road trip drives. The city lives on part of Route 66, meaning you can drive the historic road while blasting the song of the same name. Along the way you can visit a variety of different places. Along the road you can visit many historic, little diners and countless roadside attractions.

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