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Nissan Leaf Evolves Into The Latest And Most Affordable EV

You are currently viewing Nissan Leaf Evolves Into The Latest And Most Affordable EV
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You remember when the Nissan Leaf first rolled onto the scene? The car is honestly one of the earliest electric vehicles in recent memory. And while the marketplace is getting progressively more competitive, Nissan is not letting their prized EV possession fall by the wayside. In fact, it’s undergoing an upgrade in time for 2022. In which case, you’ll most likely see some minor adjustments. When you look at the Leaf lineup, you can see that the vehicle has gone up to $470 in price. At least for 2023. In that there’s even plans to release the next-of-kin with the Ariya electric.

For the Nissan Leaf, you’ll see the amazing evolution it’s made with aerodynamics. The brand new design element shows as the Nissan Leaf with multispoke wheels. The Nissan badge is illuminated. The 2022 lineup has five models. But now, the 2023 lineup has two. The base S and the mid-grade SV Plus.

The Nissan Leaf has a 147-horsepower electric motor powered by a 40.0 kilowatt hours battery pack. The SV Plus comes in with a respectable 214-horsepower motor with a 62.0-kilowatt hours battery. Models like these utilize front-wheel drive. EPA range estimates are not expected to go far off from the 149 miles for the S and 215 miles for the SV Plus.

Of course, you can appreciate the Nissan Leaf for using a CHAdeMO charging connection.

The range is suffering a little from a new range. It’s indicative thanks to the battery capacity indicator.

That’s a little old school tech for you. The Ariya has utilized the CCS connection use by other carmakers. The Leaf S is starting at about $28,895 and the SV Plus comes in hot at $36,895.

With the price increase, the Leaf is well-known as one of the most low-priced EVs sold within the United States. While Nissan raises prices, they have to deal with competing against competition that lower their own or holds them steady.

Aditya Jairaj, director of EV Marketing and Sales for Nissan U.S. had this to say:

“LEAF continues to deliver on its promise of quality, innovation and value. A competitive price point paired with a host of standard technology features and refreshed design makes Nissan LEAF a truly attractive option for anyone considering an EV.”

It shows that Nissan is really advancing the industry of EVs. And the importance of having an affordable EV comes with the idea of making these electric vehicles a greater investment than most gas-powered vehicles. With the Nissan Leaf EV, it’s to your benefit that you power down the highway and save the planet all at once.

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