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Jaguar XE 35t Goes For $17,995… Would You Get It?

You are currently viewing Jaguar XE 35t Goes For $17,995… Would You Get It?
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What if I told you that online, there was a wonderful looking Jaguar XE 35t from 2017 that was available for such an affordable price? It’s apparently one helluva car available on Craigslist. The vehicle itself is capable enough to push for entry-level model beginning. The car happens to ride on a modular D7 platform and is made to be used as a rear-all-wheel-drive. This is intent to improve certain economies of scale. Simultaneously, the D7 is also the basis for the XF, F-Pace and the Land Rover Velar.

Sadly, Jaguar has their days numbered.

There are not many car buyers that were intrigued in the company’s alt to class-standard BMW 3 Series. Jaguar has always had strange nomenclature. This didn’t assist for sales and near-invisibility in the marketplace. Jaguar stopped the U.S. model way back in 2020. This is probably a reason why the XE wasn’t so popular. It wasn’t really that bad of a car. But more folks were wowed by the F-Pace crossover. That one was a tall wagon to be considered the brand’s best-selling offer for several years.

Of course, the unit in question looks as if it can be a solid alternative to such an experience. To power up the Jaguar is to deliver a 2995 cc AJ126 V6 to automate for fully 335 hp and 332 lb-ft according to it’s torque capacities.

In various photos, the Jaguar only looks lightly used. It certainly has enough on it’s odometer to last longer than you would figure. The transmission is automatic, while there are six cylinders in tact. The condition still seems to be excellent in spite of not having been used much since 2017. Your best bet when handling this Jaguar is to stylize it as your own. Maybe even make a hot-rod out of your own device. Wouldn’t that be so nice?

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