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Saharan Dust Storm Reaches St. Louis

You are currently viewing Saharan Dust Storm Reaches St. Louis
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St. Louis – A dust storm has traveled across the Atlantic Ocean and is making headway through the United States. Currently, the storm is impacting areas from the panhandle up through St. Louis.

Saharan dust storms are pretty common…for the Sahara dessert which is located in Africa. The current dust storm is so large that it has broken almost every record.

For many Mid-Western Americans, this means the possibility of staying inside. For others, it’s just another day. plumes typically rise in the spring and last for several days. None have come to this level or scale.

Dust Storm Frequents US

The US is no stranger to its own series of spring/summer dust storms. For many in the dry and arid desert areas, large dust storms cover towns and cities for miles. While none have been from across an ocean, the typical time brings about some pretty dusty scenery.

Also, Saharan dust storms have been on track to hit the Caribbean for quite some time. Even states along the southern panhandle are subject to storms. The difference is that this storm does not plan to stop in the south and reports indicate that it will travel through the Midwest as far north as Canada.

While this comes during a global pandemic, many people are already on the right track by having the appropriate facial coverings. In order to cut down on lung issues, many US citizens find that wearing a mask will help their lungs stay clear of dust, and debris as well as helping to curve the COVID-19 virus.

For now, the storms have made it as far into the mainland US as Louisiana, but forecasts project the storm to continue. For the Caribean islands, they continue to face harsher conditions as the storm moves through.

The storm is not currently a threat to property damage.

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