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Tesla Supercharger: How It Stacks Up

You are currently viewing Tesla Supercharger: How It Stacks Up
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The Tesla supercharger has wedged its name into the American subculture of electric vehicles. Where other nations and countries have developed other methods for charging, Tesla still seems on track to securing their place in the race for the most optimal electric car.

US Locations

Tesla is a name brand of vehicles. Much like Apple products, they carry their own patented design and all connected devices are patented by Tesla. A power cable for a Tesla cannot fit other EVs and vice versa. This might not be a drawback as much as we like to think due to Tesla’s market control at this current time.

Also, the number of Tesla charging stations is lower than either CCS and CHAdeMO. But with the control of the market in the US, the bulk of Tesla’s 1,200 chargers remains at home. This has allowed many US citizens to cross the country with ease in their electric cars.

Currently, there are Tesla supercharging stations in every major populated area in the US. If you are looking to travel from Boston to Los Angeles, there are Supercharging stations within the mileage of all Tesla vehicles. No matter which route you take, you will find a Tesla charging Station when you need it.

CHAdeMO Competition

CHAdeMO has been in the electric charging game since before Tesla. With their domination of the Asian market including Honda, Toyota, Nissan, as well as many domestic car brands, this form of charging has become one of the most widely utilized charging stations in the world. They currently dominate both European and Asian markets and Tesla even has an adapter for their newer models.

CHAdeMO is the counter to Tesla’s grip over their own cars. Much like Microsoft vs Apple, the two will most likely come down to availability over brand reliability. Where Tesla owners will only be able to purchase Tesla products, CHAdeMO has become a recognized industry standard for most of the automobile industry.

Where Tesla Supercharger Wins

Tesla has made it apparent that they will continue to develop and integrate more effective products for their vehicles. With batteries that can last upwards to 1 million miles planned for the near future, many ask when Tesla will be able to run out of energy. Well, not anytime soon. The automotive industry is now solidified in electric energy thanks to Tesla and their apparent explosive nature. The Tesla supercharger, albeit not as common as its competitive charging stations, still delivers the American market what it needs. The practical use of energy at a reliable location.

With the reliability of being one of the most recognized electric car brands in the world, many have taken them as a sign of effective engineering and reliability. Tesla has been able to withstand the factors that most car companies specialize in. Toyota’s reliability, Ford’s towing capacity, and the power to outpace most cars on the road. These factors have solidified the impression that Tesla is king.

Emerging CCS Charging Systems Vs Tesla Supercharger

Quick to hit the scene is the combined efforts of European and American auto manufacturers. Companies like BMW, Audi, Ford, and Volkswagen have joined together to develop their own brand of charging ports.

The CCS design is similar to both Tesla and CHAdeMo technologies. The reality of these charging devices comes at the bereft of Apple vs Standard PC’s. The charging methods are the same, heck some might even say that the charging capabilities of each variant are identical, except for the plug itself.

Each variant has its own specific plug that goes to each car. If you buy a Tesla, you need to use the Tesla brand charging station. If you use a BMW or Audi electric vehicle, you will need to use CCS. The same goes for Nissan, Toyota, and Honda. If you were to purchase an electric vehicle for one of these brands you will need to use a CHAdeMO. With CHAdeMO being the most commonly used energy charger in the world, the rest have to play catch-up.

These haven’t been near as widely recognized nor have they been adopted into more traditional sense. Elon Musk’s development of the Supercharger has been to fully outpace the rest.

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