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Street Racers Attract Police To 4th St

You are currently viewing Street Racers Attract Police To 4th St
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In the era of covid-19, people get antsy. Faced with days on end of isolation and long hours at home, many flout statewide orders for a little distraction. Such was the case on Sunday afternoon, when a collection of street racers met up at 4th St to play with their cars.

The crowd amassed some 200, possibly up to 250, spectators and street racers. Their activities included executing donuts and putting pedal to metal as they tore up and down the downtown street. They performed burnouts in a parking lot near Busch Stadium, while the breakaways took place on 4th.

People gathered at the intersection of 4th and Gratiot, as well as a parking lot for White Castle.

In response to the screeching tires and hoots and hollers, several nearby neighbors placed calls to 911, requesting police intervention. Their calls rolled in between 3:30 pm and 7 pm.

Video of the street racers shows an assortment of vehicles, ranging from motorcycles to trucks, racing down the street. It also shows cars spinning back tires against pavement to produce massive white clouds enshrouding the vehicle and surrounding area.

A report from KMOV4 showed the tire marks interweaving in ornate patterns on the asphalt the night after.

Police Break Up Street Racers

Eventually, police intervened, sending both bike cops and squad cars to bust up the gathering. More than a dozen cop cars and number of police riding bicycles shut down the event.

Most dispersed at first sight of the authorities. However, cops managed to arrest one in connection with the shenanigans. Though, they refused to state the charges against the individual when reporters inquired.

St. Louis Metro Police Department did mention they aren’t enforcing the stay at home orders, so that eliminates quarantine violation charges. Only officials from the city’s health department issues citations for quarantine violations.

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