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GT90 Is The Craziest Supercar That Ford Never Produced Massively

You are currently viewing GT90 Is The Craziest Supercar That Ford Never Produced Massively
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Ford, American carmaker and jock to Tesla’s nerd, has had plenty of vehicles that really pushed the limits of the automotive industry. But none so amazing as the GT90. It really was a high-performance concept car that had the ability to be conceptualized and manufarctured in the early 90s. This was before it’s official unveiling in January 1995. Th GT90 was known a s a successor to the GT40. Then, the high-performance vehicle was the furst entry by Ford to use the New Edge philosophy.

New Edge is really just a design language from Ford to use for many of their passenger vehicles in the early 2000s. Furthermore, it was a stylish entry among many race heavy muscle cars.

The GT90 was meant to be a secret quest by a tiny engineering team. What’s more, they were expecting to wrap in six months. Not only that but the car had components shared with other Ford models. Notably enough, the transmission on the Jaguar XJ220 and the V12 engine. Both made from the Lincoln Town Car.

Exceedcar | April 11, 2012

Specs of the GT90

The Engineering team started by taking the 4.6-liter V8, removing two cylinders, two times over, for the final result of a V12 block.

The vehicle had a capability of only 90 mm to 77.3 mm. Therefore, making a displacement for the V12 of 5927cc. As a result, the quad-turbocharged V12 engine is well-known anyhow to have a production of 720 hp. While also providing 660 lb.-ft. to the rear wheels. The power output notes the GT90 having a major advantage over the McLaren F1. On a further note, the GT90 weighs about 3199 pounds and yet, compensated fine for heavier weight with unbridled power.

Lastly, the GT90 was able to pump from zero to sixty in only three-point-one seconds. Most impressively, the top speed?

235 miles per hour.

Sadly, the vehicle, besides making an appearance in Top Gear and the video game Need for Speed II SE never saw much of the road itself. But still, someday, we can dream something like that will.

MindlessMiles | June 4th, 2010

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